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GIGAWIND!  This name has been choosen by a group of engineering researchers in the year 2000 with the objective to do research together in the field of offshore wind energy. Since then the group has been funded by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation an Nuclear Safety (BMU) in three sequencial cooperation projects dealing with support structures and foundations with the aim to optimise the design of offshore wind energy converters.

The first project (2000 - 2004) had the title

The second project (2004 - 2007) had the title

The third project (2008 - 2011) had the title

The fourth project (2013 - 2018) had the title

The research group GIGAWIND has obtained a ground-breaking position in its working field and has also been nucleus for a couple of activities e. g. advanced training courses for engineers. In team work with researchers from the University Oldenburg the GIGAWIND group has achieved the installation of the research an competence centre ForWind - centre for wind energy research, which is funded by the land lower saxony. Since then ForWind is working as a common institution of both universities on near to all fields of wind energy research.

With a space of about 18 months there take place GIGAWIND-Symposia which has been expanded to an etablished forum of academic and technical exchange.