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GIGAWIND alpha ventus (2008 - 2011)

Holistic design concept for OEWC support structures on the base of measurements at the offshore test field “alpha ventus”


Project objective and project description

Priority objective of this project is the reduction of the cost for offshore WT support structures, which means towers, different types of substructures and foundations. This can be divided in designing lighter support structures on the one hand (material cost) and in optimising the design process on the other hand (personnel cost). Because of the interdisciplinary orientation of the project the coverage of all civil engineering problems is intended.

This is reflected in several work packages and main topics (see fig. 1):

  • Loads,
  • Durability,
  • Foundation,
  • General structural models and
  • Holistic Design.

Algorithms, new methods and software-tools will be developed and validated by measurement data from the test field. With a more efficient design process and by utilisation of design reserves the support structures can be provided more economically.

With the integration of separate computational tools into an easy operable simulation und design package with common interfaces the effort of the design process will be minimised. The holistic design concept for offshore WT support structures is build up in a modular way, so further extensions can easily be implemented.

The Consortium


The working packages

  1. Load modelling for wind and waves and its correlation effects,
  2. Influence of manufacturing aspects on fatigue resistance,
  3. Corrosion protection for offshore steel structures
  4. Reliable load monitoring at global and local parts of the structure,
  5. Development of new scour protection systems and local scour monitoring,
  6. Modelling of the load-carrying behaviour for driven offshore piles,
  7. Automated Validation of general structural models
  8. Holistic design concept for OWEC support structures