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GIGAWIND life (2013 - 2018)

Life time - Research on Support Structures in the Offshore Test Site alpha ventus

Definition and goal of the project

Goal of the comprehensive project GIGAWIND life is the enhancement of the economic dimensioning concept for offshore wind turbine support structures, that has been developed in GIGAWIND alpha ventus, by consideration of long-time operation. There are both degradation mechanisms on the resistance side of the environmental surrounded support structure (damages of structure and welds, fatigue, damages of corrosion protection systems, scour, degradation of pile support behavior) and the determination of acting loads from waves and marine growth, which interact with the support structure. The wanted data of damage and stress at the interaces will be obtained over a longer timeframe from measurements in the offshore test site alpha ventus by usage of the hitherto developed monitoring methods. This is the requirement to get a scientific perception from the previous investments and to make validated methods and structural models based on world-wide unique long-time measurements for single studies as well as for holistic offshore support structure design concepts available.

The following research projects are part of GIGAWIND life:

  • Validated methods and structural models for a holistic and economic design of offshore wind turbine support structures (Leibniz Universität Hannover, FKZ 0325575A)
  • Condition evaluation and prediction for offshore wind turbines based on measurement data (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, FKZ 0325575C)
  • Automated lifetime estimation for tripod support structures considering real loads (Adwen GmbH, FKZ 0325575B)

The Subprojects

  • Data Management and Analysis,
  • Monitoring and Inspection,
  • Degradation Models,
  • Adapted Model Tests,
  • Integration of Methods and Models,
  • Automated Life Time Calculation of Tripod Support Structures under Consideration of Real Loads

The Consortium