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WaveLoads 2.0

The software WaveLoads 2.0 has been developed at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Environmental Physics in Civil Engineering. Based on prescribed parameterisations of sea states or regular waves the program calculates wave induced loading on hydrodynamically transparent structures (e.g. monopiles, tripod or jacket structures). 

The interface of the dynamic link library (DLL) of WaveLoads 2.0 had been further developed at at the Institute of Structural Analysis to be integrated into simulation frameworks. It is applied within design tools, finite element or multi-body simulation programs. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for further or detailed information on WaveLoads 2.0.

    Dr.-Ing. Martin Kohlmeier
    Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems
    Merkurstr. 13
    30419 Hannover
    Tel.: +49 (0) 511 / 762 - 9273
    Email: martin.kohlmeier(at)iwes.fraunhofer.de


WaveLoads GUI.
Distributed wave loading on OC3 tripod support structure.